I’m Shanti Gowans and it is an honour to be with you.

I am a meditation teacher, Vedic scholar and author, Ayurvedic practitioner, and the founder and developer of Shanti Yoga. I now live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and I’ve been sharing my heart from Australia with students and practitioners from all over the world, since 1972.

For me, words are spells, and writing is magic. I bridge Eastern and Western wisdom, psychology and neuroscience to support healing and transformation.

In our mission to help you heal, become more fulfilled and more financially successful, we identified 3 core pillars to empower you to do just that: Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation.

The programs we offer are informed by 50+ years of immersion in non-dualistic teachings, based on five decades of my own personal practice, study, and teaching, as well as extensive empirical research.

With great pleasure, I’d like to invite you to browse our website, and join me for a life-changing, and often life-saving experience.


Australian Government Accreditation and International Recognition

Yoga University Online is a Health Institute Australasia iniative, providing high quality, accessible E-Learning opportunities for anyone interested in Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation.

Health Institute Australasia is a private college and an Australian Government Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Our Government Accredited training and courses are fully compliant with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) which is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector. ASQA regulates courses and training providers to ensure nationally approved quality standards are met. This means that you can be assured of our commitment to the highest quality education available, and that your qualifications are recognised Australia wide and beyond.

Health Institute Australasia is approved by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) to offer programs in the study of Ayurvedic medicine, as provided by the Australian government standards set in the Health Training package. The international Ayurvedic standards of education were developed by Prof. P.H. Kulkarni and partnered by the Ayurvedic Academy, Pune, India.

Health Institute Australasia also has government approval for the teaching of Yoga in three qualifications, namely: Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. Health Institute Australasia‘s Yoga Teacher Training Programs, (Cert IV @ 600 hours, Diploma @ 1200 hours and Advanced Diploma @1800 hours) vastly exceed the minimum requirements of national and international yoga associations, which are 200 and 500 hours. Health Institute Australasia are the ONLY college in Australia to offer a 3-year Government Accredited Yoga Teacher Training program to International students.

Health Insitute Australasia offers the highest yoga qualification you can obtain not only in Australia but in the world with our Advanced Diploma course being 1800 hours. These programs are now made available to students all over the world through combined e-learning and in-person studies through Yoga University Online and Health Institute Australasia.

The consistent, high calibre of education and quality of experience from your study will surpass your expectations. Our programs are known for their comprehensive curriculum that far surpasses the standards set by Yoga Teachers Associations and International Associations. Our long-standing reputation as one of the country’s most reputable yoga, ayurveda and meditation centre is consistently reaffirmed by Australia’s practitioner population, which considers us the number one recommendation.

Australian Government Registered Training Organisation No. 45524
CRICOS Provider No. 03791F
International students can get a student visa for up to 3 years